Stainless steel military dog tags for every purpose -- pet tag, id dogtag, luggage tag, key tag -- custom made identification with your personalized information.
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Dog Tags Direct

Dog Tags for every purpose ... that's all we sell!!!


  • First determine the text for your dog tags...

    View Custom Dog Tag Samples

  • Next, choose the dog tag silencer color for each dog tag.

    Simply click on the dog tag, and the silencer will change color; this way you can see what your dog tag will look like.

    You can also select your dog tag silencer color using the list box.

  • Now, enter the text that is to appear on each dog tag, and see what the finished tag will look like.

    Don't forget, you can have different text on each dog tag at no extra charge.

    If you would like both dog tags to be the same leave SECOND DOG TAG boxes blank.

    15 Characters per line .

    Special characters allowed- & ' . - , # * : / Mc @

  • When you are satisfied ... Add to Cart.

    If you need multiple tag sets with the same text, enter a different quantity.

    If you need multiple tag sets with the different text, enter a new order.

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